Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Quelle trag├ędie

From the infamous K-Lo at the Corner, the National Review blog:
[I]n many ways this wasn’t about individuals — certainly not in these instances. This was a throw-the-bums (re “Republican”) -out election — even if the guy I am voting for is not a bum... An injustice, but here we are.
O, cry me a river, sister. What a whiner. An injustice? Being blamed for the cookie your brother stole is an injustice. Finding yourself accused of leaving a dog turd that your dog didn't actually leave is an injustice. Getting beaten in a democratic (small d) election because people were tired of your bullshit and complicity in unpopular government policies is not an injustice, it's getting fired. You dipshit.


Nothing much to say, but it's great to be looking at a brand new day.