Friday, October 12, 2007

What the hell?

Well, I'm glad that he's OK, in as much as I don't wish anyone to be injured in a car accident, and a big "get well soon" to those who were injured.

But what the hell? Why is Orlando Bloom driving around in a frickin' Toyota Matrix? I think the Pirates franchise paid well enough to not have to scrimp up a ride that goes sub $20K fully loaded.

By extension, I've never understood why Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Kiefer Sutherland, and their ilk all go driving around all hammered and acting like dipshits and getting DUIs. Yes, they have substance abuse problems, I get that. So OK, just assume you're gonna end up shit-faced and GET. A. FUCKING. DRIVER. I can't afford a driver, so I take the train up to Hollywood and walk or take cabs around, because I'M NOT FUCKING STUPID.

Of course, some would say that the problem lies in the "acting like a dipshit" part of my question and that they're not acting at all and just plain 100% pure-D dipshits. Probably so.

I'm not saying Orlando Bloom was driving drunk or that he's a dipshit. I have no idea. But I still don't know why he's driving a Toyota Matrix.

Shark jumping

I think the phrase "jump the shark" has probably now jumped the shark itself, but there's really no more appropriate way to describe this:
On the same wave as Geraghty and Hanson today, Rush Limbaugh just called on Al Gore to hand over this prize to "genuine agents of peace: General Petraus, the U.S. military, and its commander-in-chief."
OK, maybe a way to describe it that's just as appropriate is "stark bat-shit raving insane." Do these folks understand how much like Animal Farm they sound?