Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Pat Robertson steps beyond his own ordinary outrageousness

And when I say "outrageousness," normally Robertson inspires outrage in me, but this is beyond the pale. It was bad enough that, even as we ramped up for a war to remake the Middle East in our democratic image, we were willing to tolerate and even sanction an anti-democratic coup in Venezuela. Now fathead here has to go proposing that we actively seek out and kill a head of state with whom we happen to disagree. Note to Pat Robertson: you may not like Hugo Chavez, but there are world leaders who are much much worse. And, as bad as our imperialist hubristic arrogant image in the world already is, one of the leaders of the religion that purports to have elected our President making statements like this only makes that perception worse. Instead of homos and drug users and other liberal scourges having caused 9/11, it is exactly this kind of rhetoric and lawless assumption of free rein on the world stage that has led others to hate the U.S. So thanks a lot, Pat, you fathead idiot. Why don't you just keep your hate directed inward on your own nation and leave the foreign relations to... well, I guess those dealing with the foreign relations nowadays ain't much better, eh? Shit. We are so screwed.

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