Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Glenn Greenwald on the "unconservative conservatism"

I was unaware that there was a federal database containing records of citizens' pharmaceutical consumption. I'm extremely interested in that. But anyways, Glenn's recall of the infamous "jackbooted thugs/black U.N. helicopters" hysteria from the right in the late '90s is exactly what I was thinking of, also. How do you go from that to "more surveillance, please"? I think it's a matter of who holds the power. Once it wasn't Clinton, then an all-powerful omniscient federal government could be trusted, it would be right, if only the solons of America had the correct letter to the right of their names (George W. Bush, R), then we could make sure that everyone followed the straight and narrow.

Let's just make sure that we don't hear a bunch of bullshit from the GOP about individual rights and freedom from government interference again when their brief and tawdry moment in the sun is over...

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