Tuesday, July 24, 2007

More solutions for Golden Gate Park

In the Chronicle today, Nevious says:
[I]f you are in Golden Gate Park, a far greater danger [than coyotes] is that you, or your child, or your pet, will step on a dirty hypodermic needle. Step off the paths, and you'll have plenty of chances.
Which is true. I lived in the Upper Haight for quite a few years and the little grungy groder kids were always a blight on the park. I'm not a big fan. So.

My proposal is that we use the same solution as with the coyotes. Whaddaya think? Groders are too hard to trap (plus then you have to give them habeas corpus and who's got time for that?). I say issue licenses and have groder hunting season in the park. It'll be awesome.

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