Friday, May 23, 2008

Please for the love of God shut the hell up!

Can someone please tell people that it's just plain not alright to bring up assassination in a casual context when talking about a Presidential candidate. Especially when that candidate is put under Secret Service protection "the earliest a candidate has ever been provided protection". It's not as if we're talking about people who have a surfeit of sanity or reason (as that last one says, "Trust your Instincts," you sure wouldn't let facts or actual thinking get in the way).

Please Hillary, stop it, drop out. You're now so desperate that you're playing in the same fields as the right-wing dipshits who send my father-in-law e-mails about how Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim "Manchurian" candidate. You're embarrassing yourself and hurting America. Seriously: shut the hell up.

Update: Andrew Sullivan makes a good point: "I saw the apology as well - an apology to the Kennedy family, I might note, not to Senator Obama."

Keep it classy, Hill.

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