Friday, June 24, 2005

Marijuana hypocrisy

I didn’t see this article when it first ran, but it was referenced in this editorial today. Now I’m as much for legalization of recreational use of marijuana as anyone. But the fact remains that it’s stupid to endanger easy access to medical marijuana for people who actually need it so that it can be slightly more convenient for stoners to pick up their weed. And honestly if you’re any kind of decent stoner, it ain’t that fucking hard to buy pot in Northern California. This is something that really pissed me off when the dispensaries first opened and everybody on the block (and you know who you are) was hanging out at the “clinic.”

Now, none of that excuses this bullshit: "We're empathetic to the sick," Pena said after a news conference held at the U.S. attorney's office to announce the indictment. "But we can't disregard the federal law."

Empathetic to the sick. You fucking liar. You fucking scumbag. Watch out, NoCal: the Feds hate you. All of them hate you. You are antithetical to everything they stand for and they are going to come down on you like Lucifer’s fucking hammer.

It's simply outrageous that all of this energy and persecution is directed towards something that grows in the ground, requires no refining, processing, or other type of extraction process to utilize its active ingredients, and is less harmful than many legal substances. But this puts the lie to so many conservatives who prattle on about government interference in people's lives and freedom and personal liberties (and a tip of the hat to those who are consistent, few though they may be). If they can't mind their own business over something like this, then they're just as interested in being all up in your business over other matters too.

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