Friday, February 03, 2006

High-school girls are whores?

Go check out this story. Accompanying it is a photo essay. Click on the 8th thumbnail down the left side.

Now, if one of those girls was my daughter and got her picture in the paper like that? I'd whip her ass and be all, whaddup with being a whore? I know things are different from when I was in high school, but I have a fair amount of contact with high school girls who aren't whores, so I know that that's not just "how it is" or something (and no, there's nothing nefarious going on with my contact with high school girls; they're relatives and babysitters).

I'm not saying I didn't wish that more girls were whores or whorish or whore-like when I was in high school. But just because a high-school boy wants high-school girls to be whores doesn't mean they should be whores.

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