Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Quel courage!!

Cheney went out like a man and took full responsibility for shooting his friend Harry Whittington. And the headlines read:
Wow. That's mighty manly of him. Especially the revelation that he was the one who pulled the trigger. No shit. Everyone knew you were the one who shot the guy. Reall frickin' brave of you, Jack. And this is supposed to be news.
One thing for which Cheney was not apologetic was the way the news of the shooting was delivered to the media.
I think I'm much less concerned about how the news of the shooting was delivered to the media than I am about how Dick Cheney deigned to speak to law enforcement for 14 or more hours about how he shot a dude in the face. And I don't really care to hear an apology, I care to see the guy hauled up on charges of obstructing justice. He claims "he had one beer at lunch, but that no alcohol was consumed during the late afternoon outing." It would have been interesting to hear what someone who's not directly in Cheney's employ or sycophantic circle of cronies thought about that.

I'm not fooling myself: I know this won't happen. But it's fucking infuriating. What an arrogant piece of shit. If I shot someone in the fucking face and tried to make an "appointment" to talk to the Sheriff about it tomorrow, how far do you think I'd get with that? Not very fucking far. Alberto Gonzalez says no one is above the law, but here's a clear illustration that that's bullshit.

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