Monday, April 03, 2006

You seem to have a blown engine....

I think you need new rims for that rig.

This type of deep analysis seems to be the current administration thinking. Don't worry about throwing out the guy who's made a hash of Iraq. Nor the guy who blew one of the more promising diplomatic openings with Iran. Or the person who helped sell the misbegotten war in Iraq and now acts as America's top diplomat even though she's a lightning rod for anti-American sentiment wherever she goes. No, let's get rid of the freaking press secretary.

As usual, this administration thinks the problem is not with its incompetence, corruption, fumbling execution, arrogant hubris, or complete lack of grounding of anything like what the "reality-based community" likes to call, y'know, "reality." No, the problem is just a matter of perception. Fucking amazing.

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