Monday, August 28, 2006


Well, obviously we were wrong, those of us who opposed the war or opposed the way the war was executed or what not. Because it's all turning around! No, really, it's turning around! There are "glimmers of hope"! (not my words). And why are there glimmers? Well, in Rich Lowry's words, because of more troops. Hmmm... haven't some people saying that for a long time?

Not that it really matters. Not that the glimmers are anything more than passing mirages. If there ever was a chance of "winning" this thing, with a united relatively peaceful relatively free Iraq (and I don't think there was, but for the sake of argument...) that train has long left the station.

No, seriously, neocons. We're sorry we kicked your pencil-necked asses in high school. You really are macho. Please don't invade another country.

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