Monday, September 11, 2006

He looks a little uncomfortable

A couple of my friends think that Bush looks a little unnatural here, sort of like he had to go out of his way to step on the flag like that. I'm guessing that he's still getting comfortable with the whole oppressive dictator thing, but if that was Cheney, he'd look just fine, especially if you also wedged a puppy or baby or kittens under his foot also.

This also speaks to something that just bugs the crap out of me. I was in the military and was in the Drum and Bugle Corps in boot camp and tech school, had friends in the Honor Guard, did plenty of ceremonies and all that. I have a pretty decent amount of respect for the flag and would never burn it or desecrate and so on. I'm not in favor of a flag-burning amendment, because that sort of expression is exactly what the flag is supposed to stand for. So why are the assholes who are supposedly so in love with the God-damned flag always so completely and totally violating the protocol that defines what it means to respect the flag?
  • You can't wear the flag.
  • You can't just slap it anywhere on your car.
  • When it gets tattered or abused, you can't just keep driving around with the pathetic last few threads streaming from your radio antenna, there are rules
  • And you sure the fuck can't step on it!
Seriously, how did this asshat ever become President? Is it really such an amazing application of the Peter Principle? I don't think so, because let's keep in mind that this idiot failed at just about everything he attemped prior to becoming President also (college, military career, Arbusto, etc.) until someone pulled him in to be the primo glad hander in Texas politics (the Texas Rangers ballpark, Texas governor).

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