Tuesday, July 05, 2005


So there's this article in the New York Times entitled G.O.P. Asks Conservative Allies to Cool Rhetoric Over the Court. And in this article, one guy says, "The extremism of language, if there is to be any, should be demonstrably on the other side. The hysteria and the foaming at the mouth ought to come from the left."

Oh my yes. The frantic left. Unlike the calm even-handedness of Ann Coulter, who certainly is a voice of reason. Or the talk radio hosts who are so eager to keep the national debate civil that they throw quite a ruckus whenever they're called Nazis. And never mind those Christians who just want to share their love of Christ.

Oh, also, note that Scott McClellan said, "[President Bush] said that he would hone in over the next few weeks on a handful of nominees." Yeah, that certainly sounds like something he'd say. Actually, maybe that's how we managed to hit that building full of civilians, too much honing and not enough homing.

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