Friday, July 29, 2005

Rockstar Games sued

So the lawsuits over Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas have begun. An 85-year-old woman bought the game for her 14-year-old grandson and is now pissed to find out that the game contains graphically depicted simulated sex.

But wait, wasn't GTA:SA rated Mature? That's for... 17 years of age and older. Yet this woman bought the game for her 14-year-old grandson. This dumb ass is all up in arms about the bad stuff contained in a game that she never should have bought for her fucking grandson in the first place! These labels aren't subtle, people. If you're too fucking stupid to figure it out, you don't get to complain later.

It's only in the window between Mature and Adults Only, i.e. 17 year olds, that could conceivably have a legitimate gripe. And of course that doesn't address the fact that apparently this woman thinks it's OK for her 14-year-old grandson to play a game simulating shooting cops and stealing cars (again, not subtle: the name of the game is GRAND THEFT AUTO), but she's aghast that he might see something resembling sex (if you've seen the video of Hot Coffee or actually played it, you'll know it's not the most titillating sexual experience to come down the pipe).

Damn it, I really hate pathetically stupid people.

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